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The heroes of the 21st century became its greatest villains. Aberrants walked among the people like gods until they turned on the rest of us and brought the human race to the brink of destruction. In the end, we were forced to issue the Ultimatum: either they left or the destruction would be mutual. So they left, but not before warning all of humanity "Your legacy is our future."

In the aftermath of the Aberrant War, a new world rose from the ashes. Technology advanced by leaps and bounds as the world struggled to pull itself back together. With Earth in ruins, humanity looked to the rest of the Solar System to provide the resources it needed. China moved its economy onto a platinum standard, forming the foundation of a new world economy. Everything started to settle out again.

Then, as promised, the Aberrants returned.

There is hope, though. New heroes are rising, gifted with extraordinary abilities of their own. These psions rise to defend humanity from the prodigal demons. And watching over it all is the Aeon Trinity, a centuries-old organization dedicated to bringing humankind together under one simple credo:

Hope. Sacrifice. Unity.

Psions, the new heroes of humanity, are individuals gifted with extraordinary powers. Initiated through one of the psionic Orders, a human being is triggered to access psionic abilities particular to their order. One is not always closely tied to the order from which one originates; through Trinity and other organizations, Psions work for a variety of people, corporations and governments assisting in a myriad of service, research, and other skilled ways. Additionally, the Orders participate in horse-trading programs among themselves so that each of them have some representation of other abilities within their ranks. Each Order is set up with wildly differing ideologies and structures.

When the psions first revealed themselves to humanity, there were eight psionic Orders; that number has since been reduced to six. The surviving Orders each maintain control over a particular psionic aptitude and are headquartered in a different region.

  • The Legions. They are the heroes in blue, universally loved throughout settled space. The Legions are a paramilitary order headquartered in Australia and formed with a singular purpose: to be humanity's front line against the Aberrants. They trigger psychokinetics, individuals who possess the abilities of telekinesis, cryokinesis, and pyrokinesis. They are divided up into seven legions, One through Seven which are respectively: Home Guard, Fortune's Knights (Mercenaries), Support Force One (Mostly non-psychers), Vengeance (somewhat sociopathic Aberrant haters), The Americas, Europe, and Phoenix Squadron (protects human colonies and settled space).
  • Orgotek, Headquartered in the New New York Arcology in the FSA, is the world's largest metacorporation, producing everything from computers to cars. Their corporate training campus is not much different than your average college, except with a lot more grounding strips to keep the sparks from flying, given that they train Electrokinetics, or zappers. They control the EM spectrum ranging from the control of electronic impulses, electronic devices and laser and hologram generation.
  • The Ministry of Noetic Affairs, or Ministry, are headquartered in China as an official division of the Chinese government. They are telepaths, possessing the gifts of being able to read, transmit and alter the thoughts, memories and emotions of other individuals. There are no emotionally unbalanced individuals among the Ministry, and crime is seen as disease as much as a doctor diagnoses an illness.
  • The Nova Fôrça de Nacionales, or Norça for short, are an order of biokinetics also known as shifters. These are psions who can take the appearance of anyone they desire, who can alter and adapt their bodies to survive in any environment, and are nigh impossible to kill. Having grown out of the drug cartels of South America, they still claim the continent as their home. Explaining Norça is simple: Norça is Family. And Family looks out for Family, and looks after Family.
  • Interplanetary School of Research and Advancement - or ISRA for short - are the order of clairsentients are based on Luna at Olympus Base. They have abilities relating to sight and knowledge and are natural investigators, projecting their senses beyond what is ordinary. Their visions don't always relate to the past or present, sometimes glimpses of the future as well. They have a sense of knowing that goes beyond what any ordinary person can hope to achieve no matter how much meditation they practice.
  • The Æsculapian Order is an international medical network analogous to the Red Cross, headquartered at the Montressor Clinic in Basel, Switzerland in the European Commonwealth. They are generally referred to as vitakinetics and concerns control and alteration of the functions of living beings — from healing, blocking pain, anti-pathogen and body chemical balances.

The Story Thus Far...

  • Chapter 1: Aberrant Hunt
  • Chapter 2: Falling Down
  • Chapter 3: Following the Light of the Sun
  • Chapter 4: May You Live In Interesting Times

Game Information

  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2119
  • Setting Location: Known Space
  • Game Period: June 2016-Present


  • Aleksandr "Sasha" Zolotov
  • Fenix Bohannon
  • Deina Reeal
  • Nicolae "Nico" Dalca

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We knew they were coming for years. Most didn't want to believe.

It wouldn't have helped if they had. The Reaper assault was so swift and so brutal that we were caught completely unaware. The initial targets fell within hours. The homeworlds lasted only days.

Once we got over the shock, we picked ourselves up off the mat and set about the grim task of figuring out how we were going to hit back. The armies of the galaxy gathered, save only those races who thought they could stand alone against the Reapers, and combined their resources in an attempt to create a weapon that could turn the tide.

As everyone turned to face their common foe, past hostilities were forgotten altogether or even set to right. Members of the salarian Special Tasks Group broke from the non-involvement stance of their leaders to disperse a cure for the krogan genophage and secure their loyalty. The quarians and the geth united to drive the Reapers from their common homeworld. Humans and turians worked together to form the core of the galactic alliance and bring everyone else together.

Some races selfishly chose to focus on their own interests as the systems around them burned. The salarians trusted in their advanced technology to save them. The asari thought their superior biotics would be enough. Both were proven wrong, in the end, and to make matters worse it was revealed that the asari had known all along of the coming invasion. The same ancient technology that warned them about the Reapers allowed their civilization to develop so much faster than the others. They knew, and they kept silent, and thus went from paragons to pariahs in everyone's eyes.

Yet, despite all the horror and death, we persevered. We sent a continuous stream of supplies to build the weapon while the fleets kept it safe. When it was done, the word went out, and all of us stranded planetside watched as the remnants of the fleet left to escort the weapon to Earth and guard it long enough to work.

For hours, an entire galaxy held its breath, waiting, listening to the few reports sent out. The last thing any of us heard was that Commander Shepard had made it onto the Citadel and was about to fire the weapon. Then every single comm went dead. Most people, those not still fighting desperate holding actions against waves of Reaper husks, looked up to the sky, not really knowing what they expected to see. When no lights flashed or great roar came down from the heavens, everyone feared the worst.

Then came the miracle.

Swarms of husks that threatened to overwhelm the survivors suddenly stopped, milling about as though confused. Reaper ships fell out of the skies, crashing into their own forces as often as not. Survivors rallied quickly, seizing the opportunity to gain ground. Reapers trying to regain control of their creations fell under the sudden onslaught.

And so came our salvation. The weapon we thought was meant to destroy the Reapers simply isolated them, cut them off from their fellows. Instead of a galaxy-wide horde with a single-minded purpose, now each Reaper is alone, stranded, formidable but not insurmountable.

It was only later we learned the terrible price of deliverance. Those few ships that remained ventured out to spread the good news, only to find the mass effect relays dark and lifeless. Without those relays, all travel throughout the galaxy has ceased except for small pockets of nearby worlds. We're cut off from the rest of the galaxy, but we're standing together.

We are the Resistance.

The Story Thus Far...

  • Chapter 1:

Game Information

  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: Post ME3
  • Setting Location: TBD
  • Game Period:

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The US Military recovered a device from the Giza Plateau in 1928 and spent decades studying it. Their efforts were largely fruitless until the involvement of Dr. Daniel Jackson's translation of the cover stone, which allowed them to turn it on in 1994. The team that went through found the descendents of humans abducted from Earth and worshiping ancient Egyptian gods who walk among them. In fact, those so-called gods are parasitic beings inhabiting human hosts and exploiting human religions to impersonate gods using advanced technology. Ancient humans were spirited away to wherever these beings wished — using them as servants or slaves.

Upon their return the team reported that the mirroring Stargate on the other world was destroyed and no further connection could be made with that world. After that, the seemingly useless Stargate was left buried at the bottom of a missile silo in Cheyenne Mountain until 1997 when it suddenly activated. A group of what could only be aliens came through the device and abducted military personnel, returning back through despite the rain of weapons fire. It was then discovered that the combinations on the dialing device (present on off-world Stargates but not on Earth) were not a combination lock, but rather locational references — and there are possibly millions of Stargates in the universe.

After that discovery, the SGC (StarGate Command) military base was established underneath Cheyenne Mountain under the direction of the United States Air Force to further the human exploration of the universe.

Star's End is summed up in three words: Proof of concept. The proof that Earth's first extrasolar colony can be self-sustaining based on the technology, services, and raw materials the SGC was founded to discover. Set up in the blackout zone of Earth's Stargate in the Milky Way, and positioned on a moon devoid of naquadah, the base is designed to be far out of the way of any Goa'uld interests. Miners, engineers, scientists, military personnel and support staff work side-by-side in this environment as everyone does their best to ignore the fact they are so very far away from home.

Created and funded by the wealthy yet enigmatic Xavier Sloane, this small colony contracts SGC personnel and equipment from Earth in exchange for the valuable raw materials and technology found throughout the galaxy. Though designed to be self-sufficient, plans for the steady growth of the colony depend entirely on the handful of exploration teams, hand-picked by Sloane from the best the U.S. military has to offer.

The Story Thus Far...

  • Chapter 1:

Game Information

  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2000
  • Setting Location: Star's End
  • Game Period:

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Thedas is a land constantly in turmoil, each peace merely a breath between storms. The human nations, from the holy empire of Orlais to the independent city-states of the Free Marches, have a long and brutal history of conflict — over land and resources, over slights and insults — going back ages. Even the powerful and monolithic Chantry, founded by the prophet Andraste, struggles to maintain order in the chaotic world.

Even as the nations try to tear themselves apart, powerful forces from without constantly threaten their borders. Beyond their north border lies the Tevinter Imperium, a powerful magocracy fueled by the blood of its slaves, ever in decline but refusing to die. Horrifying as the Imperium is, it serves as the only barrier between the rest of humanity and the armies of the Qunari, religious fanatics who believe that their strictly-ordered society will be spread to all people, by force if necessary.

And throughout all this looms the ever-present threat of the Darkspawn. Corrupt and foul beings, they live their lives underground, eternally scouring the dark places as they search for the archdemons who will rise up and lead them across the surface of the world in the great Blights where endless waves of darkspawn wash over the earth, tainting everything they touch.

The only answer to this threat is the order of Grey Wardens — a brotherhood of soldiers immune to the darkspawn taint sworn to fight the hordes wherever they appear. But the Blights are few, with only a handful in recorded history and hundreds of years in between, so the Wardens' numbers dwindle in the long interim as humanity forgets the horrors of the past.

Even between blights, for most in Thedas life is still bleak and injustice rampant. Elves, once said to possess a kingdom of their own, are now among the most impoverished lower class of most cities, enslaved in some places and in all but name in others. Those few who are not enslaved are labeled outlaws and live in clans in the wilderness. Dwarves in their underground mountain kingdoms, always beset with the Darkspawn, they have seen thaigs dwindle from twelve down to two — Orzammar and Kal-Sharok. Mages, those humans and elves born with magical ability, are taken to the circle towers to live out their days under the watchful eyes of the Chantry's Templar orders, and segregated from the rest of society. Any who escape are hunted and imprisoned... or worse.

Life in Thedas is violent and full of brutality for all except the most wealthy and affluent. For the poor and downtrodden, for those labeled criminal by virtue of birth, and for escaped slaves, there is little chance of escaping oppression. So when a group of city elves and humans living on the scraps of civilization were offered the choice to leave by a man offering decent wage and treatment, it was the chance of a lifetime. To work hard and live decently. To live free.

There were three to begin with, the locals say, two humans and an elf. Three of the most different people one could imagine. One man was a huge, mountain of a man, always wearing armor with a wardog at his side. The second, also a man was dark-skinned, tall and thin, well-dressed and educated. The third, a woman, feral in appearance and marked as one of the Dalish. They were the ones who led the first from the cities in the shadow of famine through the plains and into the mountains. There was a place prepared for them, a curious place. There were fields, but no town; a harvest, but no workers; and no Templars, no nobles, and no hatred.

Some came later, led by stories of a place away from the slaughters, from being pressed into conflict or trodden beneath boot heel. From the cities they came — from Cumberland, Nevarra City and Kirkwall — led by the mark of the fountain through wilderness and forest to an abandoned hilltop far away from city, keep, or village. There a fire burned eternally without fuel and provisions were laid for them. And during a night of the full or new moon, they fell asleep and when they awoke they were in a different place. What else but magic could be responsible?

And in that place Refuge was founded by the toils of all who came. The town hall was their home for the first winter, preceded only by the lumber mill and a few barns. The next year houses began to be built, going first to the tradesmen to create their wares. But during the planting season that next year, a glint of steel could be seen coming from the west. When a full unit of the Orlesian army arrived, led by the Chevalier Ser Alain de Chevin, they realized that their dreams of freedom had been only that — a dream.

The Story Thus Far...

  • Chapter 1:

Game Information

  • Game System:
    Warhammer Fantasy 2nd Edition
  • Setting Period:
    1 Dragon Age
  • Setting Location: Vimmark
    Mountains between Orlais and Kirkwall
  • Game Period:

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